Defense Drumbeats

Jul 18, 2011 Defense Drumbeat
A New York Times article published today reports that the Obama Administration will prosecute a Somali accused of ties to two Islamist militant groups in civilian court in New York City.
Jul 12, 2011 Defense Drumbeat
After cutting $400 billion in defense programs since taking office, President Obama is now targeting more defense cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling in his negotiations with Congress. These proposed cuts follow a similar Obama Administration tactic of naming an arbitrary number to cut without regard to our national security.
Jun 23, 2011 Defense Drumbeat

Wednesday night, the President announced an aggressive drawdown that appears to conform to a politically motivated timetable set out in 2009. This drawdown will remove 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, followed by 23,000 more by summer 2012.

Admiral Mullen Testifies to House Armed Services Committee about Drawdown Plan

Jun 14, 2011 Defense Drumbeat
Eighteen months after President Obama ordered a surge of U.S. troops into Afghanistan, the president and his advisers are debating how many troops to withdraw from the country beginning next month. As this debate continues in the White House and around the country, there is growing skepticism about the wisdom of such a drawdown with substantial progress at stake.
Jun 1, 2011 Defense Drumbeat

A recent article in the Weekly Standard extolled the defense funding levels agreed to in the U.S. House and commended the Armed Services Committee and Chairman Buck McKeon for his work.

May 25, 2011 Defense Drumbeat

Washington, D.C.---Former CIA Director and Air Force General Michael Hayden wrote to the Armed Service Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Calif.), offering support and thanks for including an affirmation of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in this year’s defense bill. 

May 18, 2011 Defense Drumbeat

Washington, D.C. (Permalink) -  Two major newspaper editorial boards and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution have decried accusations that a provision in the National Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 would expand the war on terrorism.

May 6, 2011 Defense Drumbeat

Yesterday, the Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) spoke before the Heritage Foundation, outlining his vision for a robust defense force meant to meet current and future national security challenges. This vision stands in contrast to the Obama Administration’s proposal to cut $400 billion dollars from the defense budget over the next 12

May 6, 2011 Defense Drumbeat
With GE and Rolls-Royce promising to fund the program, taxpayers can now realize the benefits of competition at no expense.
May 6, 2011 Defense Drumbeat
During a speech at the Heritage Foundation today, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee announced his support for a new and innovative approach to fund weapons procurement in tough fiscal times.

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