Thornberry on the National Commission On Military Aviation Safety Report

Dec 3, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON- Rep. Mac Thornberry, ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, made the following statement on the final report of the National Commission on Military Aviation Safety:

“I firmly believe that when a group of knowledgeable, dedicated citizens examine a particular issue, engage with the experts as well as those who wrestle with the problems every day, deliberate, and issue recommendations to Congress- as this commission has done- they have the ability to drive change that cannot be achieved by Congress acting on its own.

“In this case the Commission points out that ‘many aviation safety issues are uniquely interconnected and require collaborative, cross-cutting solutions.’ Part of that collaboration must come from Congress. 

"This report makes clear the damage that insufficient and inconsistent funding has on the military- not just for budget experts in the Pentagon, but down on the flightline where a Marine was forced to reuse disposable $5 air filters because of insufficient funding. Continuing Resolutions especially have a real and corrosive effect on aviation readiness. They make the jobs of our pilots and mechanics more difficult and dangerous. Members should consider those consequences seriously the next time they are asked to support a wasteful- and now we know dangerous- CR.”